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Certified Backflow Specialists

The State of Louisiana requires users of the approved water distribution system to use a backflow preventer device to protect the public water supply from harmful backflow. Backflow occurs when water moves through a connection of potable to non-potable water sources in the opposite direction it was intended to flow. This flow reversal is caused by a variance in pressure.

Louisiana Administrative Code Title 51, Part XII, 343 Cross Connections states, “There shall be no physical connection between a public water supply and any other water supply which is not of equal sanitary quality and under an equal degree of official supervision; and there shall be no connection or arrangement by which unsafe water may enter a public water supply system."

The Louisiana State Plumbing Code Section D108.3 provides for the owner’s responsibilities. The owner of the backflow shall see to the testing of the backflow preventer in a timely manner and shall notify the plumbing official and/or the water supplier of the test date. All the tests, repairs, and replacements shall be at the expense of the owner and the records shall be kept for 5 years.

The State requires each facility to maintain their backflow prevention device by having it field tested. The Louisiana State Plumbing Code specifies the frequency of field testing to be:

  • upon installation;

  • when cleaned, repaired, or overhauled;

  • when relocated;

  • annually; and

  • as required by the Plumbing Official or Water Supplier.

Gremillion Mechanical is certified to install, repair, replace, relocate , insulate, and annually test backflow devices. The test briefly interrupts water service, but Gremillion Mechanical minimizes the disruption by coordinating with customers to determine the best time for testing, including after business hours if necessary. Gremillion Mechanical forwards the results of backflow tests to the proper water purveyor for recordation purposes.

Cross Connection Survey and Management

Louisiana Administrative Code Title 51, Part XII, 307 Responsibility of Owner states, “It shall be the duty of the Mayor, or the person having responsible charge of a municipally owned water supply, or the legal or neutral person owning a public water supply, to take all measures and precautions which are necessary to secure and ensure compliance with this part of the code." Thus, it is essential that water purveyors establish and maintain a Cross Connection Program which insures the purveyor is able to protect the public’s drinking water from cross contamination. This is achieved by requiring customers to have backflow preventers on their water supply lines to assure that any contamination from the customers does not enter the public water supply system.

Gremillion Mechanical helps water purveyors maintain or establish programs for their water districts to be in compliance with the regulations established through the Department of Health and Hospitals.


Past Projects

Backflow Installation at Water Park

Installed 4” Pressure Reducing Backflow Valve on main domestic water line for Water Park to ensure compliance with state law to prevent a cross connection contamination. Existing carbon steel line was excavated and a section of pipe was removed to make room for the backflow installation. A 4” setter and risers with mechanical flanges were set in place so the valve could be installed. The completed assembly was enclosed with a concrete pad and an insulated box for protection against the elements. The insulated box also provides for a very professional and clean appearance after installation is complete.

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