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Site Sewer Rehabilition

The largest differentiating factor between Gremillion Mechanical and its competitors is its Site Sewer Rehabilitation Program or SSR. Under this program, Gremillion Mechanical's licensed plumbers and technicians visit sites and perform a detailed diagnostic of current sewer and wastewater systems. The report generated from this diagnostic will identify any deficiencies in fixtures, sewer piping, lift stations, or water treatment facilities.  Comprehensive repair and maintenance plans are prepared with recommendations of the services that Gremillion Mechanical is able to provide to resolve identified issues. All insufficiencies will be designated as either critical or non-critical based on the urgency of the repair to maintain a safe and sanitary site for personnel.


As a licensed plumbing company, Gremillion Mechanical has been performing traditional plumbing work in the industrial sector since 2013. This has included new construction and renovations in bathrooms, kitchens, break-rooms, safety showers, and eyewash stations. Under the SSR program, all fixtures that are attached to the sewer and the wastewater treatment plant will be inspected for damage, faulty operation, and longevity to determine the necessity of their replacement or repair.

Sewer Piping

Gremillion Mechanical inspects sewer piping running through facilities with a sewer inspection camera. This camera provides visual access to the interior walls of the system, thus allowing the identification of any cracks, holes, pitting, or penetrations by roots or other foreign objects. All camera inspections are recorded and provided to management in the final report.

Traditionally, the repair of sewer piping is expensive, time-consuming, disruptive, and physically intrusive. Gremillion Mechanical provides an alternative solution that mitigates many of the problems with the typical excavation required for sewer pipe repair in their Cured in Place Pipe Process or CIPP. This system is minimally intrusive and uses the damaged pipe as its host which is impregnated with a resin using state-of-the-art equipment. Once the resin is installed it cures in the existing pipe and assumes its shape.  For more information on this system please visit our Trenchless Pipe Repair page here

Lift Stations

Lift stations move wastewater and sewer from the buildings to the water treatment plant. Lift stations are typically concrete or fiberglass containers equipped with pumps to transfer the water. The most vulnerable aspect of these stations is the pumps. Lift stations commonly fail, because the existing pumps are either undersized, deteriorating due to age, or the wrong type of pump. It is rare, but containers themselves can crack or be punctured causing leaks. Gremillion Mechanical provides inspections of all lift stations on-site to determine the functionality of the pumps and the integrity of the containers themselves.


In collaboration with a specialty metal fabrication shop and a reputable pump supplier, Gremillion Mechanical has developed a pump replacement solution that greatly reduces the confined space dangers associated with replacing the pumps in lift stations, enables easy access to the pumps at later dates for repair or replacement, and provides expedient delivery of replacement or repaired pumps to minimize downtime. Gremillion Mechanical places custom-built, stainless steel inserts into the stations that provide a rail system for the pumps to slide into and out of the container as well as a support for the cover and pumps.  Gremillion Mechanical can provide both grinder and transfer pumps in many sizes to suit any application.

Gremillion Mechanical is also certified to replace fiberglass, concrete, and steel lift stations through traditional dig and replace methods should any of the containers be damaged or failing.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

The last stage of any sewer system is the water treatment plant. Gremillion Mechanical inspects treatment plants to determine if there are any issues with the aeration and chlorination processes. Gremillion Mechanical can repair or replace any aeration or chlorination system depending on the failures present and the severity. Solids buildup is necessarily scraped back into the plant and pumped out. If structural problems exist, the vessel can either be patched or replaced entirely. 

Clients are encouraged to have wastewater treatment plants inspected on a monthly basis. Walk-around visual inspections are conducted to identify any of the above-mentioned issues. This facilitates the identification of minor problems that can be repaired before they become major complications.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 5.43.30 PM.png

Trash Pump - Before

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 5.43.47 PM.png

Trash Pump - After

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