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Mainline Inspection

Gremillion Mechanical is equipped to offer Mainline Camera Inspections. The highly versatile camera has the ability to enter pipe as small as 6 inches in diameter and can sufficiently maneuver through storm sewer culverts up to 48-inches. The camera offers a pan view, tilting capabilities, and full steering which allows for more thorough inspections of larger pipes. With each inspection, a full video report is provided for the client illustrating all defects found within the pipe along with recommendations for repairing or replacing the pipe as needed. Most pipes with cracks or separations have the ability to be repaired with Gremillion Mechanical’s Cured in Place Piping (CIPP) technology which allows for less invasive repair without the need of excavating and replacing the previous pipe. For more information about the Cured in Place Pipping, please see the Trenchless Pipe Repair section. 

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