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New Construction


Gremillion Mechanical, Inc. provides new construction on commercial and industrial facilities. Our new construction projects include all underground work, running water and sewer piping above the slab and in walls, and the placement and testing of all fixtures. Projects completed in the past consist of office buildings, school renovations, firehouses, municipal buildings, control rooms, and administrative buildings in industrial settings. All projects are manned with personnel to provide the client a project that is completed on time and within budget.

Individual Wastewater Treatment Plants

Gremillion Mechanical, Inc. is a certified Mo Dad installer of treatment plants by the State of Louisiana. These plants are installed in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Plants range in size from 500 gallons to 1500 gallons and vary in material from plastic, metal, and concrete. These units are installed as standalone units or can be installed with pumping stations that can transfer treated waste to outfalls, spray fields, or filter beds. Projects are turnkey and the site is minimally disturbed.

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