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Facility Maintenance

Gremillion Mechanical offers plumbing-related maintenance services to the industrial sector as well as commercial properties. We focus on quality, consistency, and cost which ultimately gives your business results you can always depend on. We are equipped to service a wide scope of needs, including both simple and major repairs, new improvement projects, and preventative and routine maintenance. Our goal at Gremillion Mechanical is to keep repairs and maintenance from getting in the way of your business by responding quickly and providing effective solutions so your company can operate efficiently by minimizing downtown.

Services Offered
  • Industrial and Commercial Plumbing Installation and Repair

  • Diagnostic Video Pipe Inspection

  • Drain Cleaning and Jetting 

  • Fixture Installation and Repair

  • Frozen Pipe Prevention and Repair

  • Natural Gas and Propane Line Installation and Repair 

  • Roof and Floor Drain Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

  • Septic Tank and Lift Station Installation, Maintenance, and Repair 

  • Sewer Line and Waterline Installation, Repair or Reroute

  • Water Heater Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Water Heaters

We can install and repair any type of water heater system whether it be tankless or a regular water heater this can be applied to commercial, residential, and industrial 

Septic Tanks  

We are licensed and endorsed by MoDad to install and service any individual unit manufactured by them, we are also licensed to conduct routine maintenance on any preexisting septic tank system.

Drain Lines

We have the necessary equipment and expertise to clean out any sort of pipeline as well as sewer line, whether the problem calls for auguring out a line, or using our jetter equipment to clean out any debris that is clogging a line in or above the ground 

Past Projects

Roof Drain Repair

Replaced gaskets and reinstalled existing roof drain on a leaking roof above a cafeteria. Drains were removed from the void space above the ceiling so gaskets could be replaced. Reinstallation was completed in a timely manner resolving the issue for the client.

Camera Inspection on Process Stack

An in-depth camera inspection was performed on a process line at an industrial plant. To access the pipes in the stack a man lift was utilized to reach the required height of 175’ above ground. Once at the access point, the camera was run throughout the length of the pipe to identify any obstructions in the line. If obstructions were found, a short video was recorded to be given to the plant managers for later observation. Once all access points were inspected and any obstructions removed, the unit was put back in service and the results of the inspection were turned over to the plant for their records

Storm Drainage Project

Installed approximately 300’ of 8” and 10” storm sewer lines as directed to alleviate drainage issues between buildings and courtyards. Old pipes were carefully removed so the new pipes could be used with the existing 24”x24” concrete catch basins. Catch basins were modified to ensure that a new pipe was installed at grade to ensure drainage. Stormwater was then routed to be discharged into an open ditch.

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